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The City of Knoxville, working in conjunction with local economic development agencies including The Industrial Development Board of the City of Knoxville and Knoxville's Community Development Corporation, considers incentives for certain development projects. These incentives can include Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT), Tax Increment Financing (TIF), and infrastructure improvements such as street, sidewalk, and landscaping, among others. These incentives are considered for projects determined to have economic development benefits to areas of the city that have been targeted, through the requisite public processes, for redevelopment and/or for industrial development. 

Those seeking such incentives are required to complete an application and submit to the City of Knoxville, Office of Redevelopment. Department staff will review applications with the applicants, city departments, partner agencies and related parties. Following this review the applicant will be contacted regarding the disposition of the application. The administration will forward any positive recommendation to council supplemented with all background information.

For a complete list of TIF and PILOT projects in the City click on one of the following links below:

TIF projects [PDF]
PILOT projects [PDF]

To see where TIF and PILOT projects are located in the City click on one of the following maps below:

Map of TIF Projects
Map of Pilot Projects