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Kendrise Colebrooke

Kendrise Colebrooke is the Executive Director of Breakthrough Corporation, which provides services to adults with autism in East Tennessee.  She graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville with a BA in Psychology and later with a MS in Counseling with a concentration in Rehabilitation Counseling.  Throughout her career she has been involved in workforce development for adults with disabilities, counseling for youth in transition, foster care case management and behavioral counseling. Ms. Colebrooke has served on several non-profit boards including UUNIK Academy, Inc., Locked Down on The Outside, and Bridge to Employment in Service and Tourism (B.E.S.T.). She is a member of the National Rehabilitation Counseling Association, Inc., Chi Sigma Iota, Counseling Academic & Professional Honor Society, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. It is her hope to inspire others to do their level-best to make meaningful contributions to the communities they serve, at any age, at any ability.

Stephanie Brewer Cook, ADA Coordinator Disability Services Office, City of Knoxville

Stephanie Brewer Cook is the City of Knoxville’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator and liaison to the Mayor’s Council on Disability Issues (CODI).  Since 1998, she has worked as a Policy Analyst and Disability Services Coordinator. In her daily work with City departments, she consults on proposed projects and policies with the goal of ensuring that they are accessible to and inclusive of people with disabilities and seniors as well as to ensure that they adhere to the ADA’s requirements.  Another important part of her job is the provision of reasonable accommodations to both the public and City employees.  She regularly educates architects, engineers and others in the design and construction industry about true accessibility and the purpose for it, with the goal of positively impacting the built environment.  With the City’s recent designation by AARP as an Age-Friendly City, she is leading the efforts to make Knoxville a truly livable community. Mrs. Cook is formerly a member and past Chair of the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities and held a position on the Board of Directors for the Epilepsy Foundation of East Tennessee for nearly fourteen years.  She is currently a member of the Executive Board of Directors for Disability Rights Tennessee and serves on the Knoxville Area Employment Consortium (KAEC) where she is the immediate past Chair. Currently, she is the Chair of the Project SEARCH Employer Advisory Committee.  Mrs. Cook is a proud graduate of the University of Tennessee, Pellissippi State Technical Community College, the Tennessee Partners in Policymaking Leadership Institute, the Knoxville-Knox County CAC Leadership program and the United Way’s Community Building workshop.

Angie Davidson, MS, CTRS, Recreation Program Coordinator, City of Knoxville

Angie Davidson works as the City of Knoxville’s Administrative Supervisor for the Parks and Recreation Department. She has a Master’s degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies with a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation. Prior to working for the City, she worked as a recreational therapist serving individuals that had a stroke diagnosis at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center and as a Day Services Director and then Director of Training and Staff Development at Breakthrough Corporation. She has a passion for serving others and making sure that leisure and recreational opportunities are available to everyone. She has enjoyed working with CODI to enhance the way the City Parks and Recreation Department provides inclusive recreational opportunities and looks forward to many more collaborative efforts in the years to come.

Miller Foutch

Miller is an educational consultant with the Tennessee Behavior Supports Project at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.  She has over twenty-one years of experience working with individuals with disabilities and behavioral disorders, both in school and residential settings.  While in college, Miller assisted individuals transitioning to supportive living environments and assisted with access to community and vocational experiences.  Throughout her teaching career, she taught in a variety of K-12 classrooms including both traditional and alternative school settings. She was a member of the TN Department of Education Work Based Learning Council and advocated for vocational experiences for her students with disabilities. Miller started an adaptive sports competition in Bristol, co-developed an inclusive summer day camp, and co-ran an inclusive community garden.  She was named Tennessee High School’s teacher of the year and Bristol City School’s secondary teacher of the year. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exceptional Education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a Master of Education Administration from Union College.  Miller holds endorsements in modified and comprehensive Special Education, Secondary English, English as a Second Language and Administration. Through TBSP, Miller serves as the lead trainer in East Tennessee for Tier I school-wide positive behavior supports and as a consultant for six regional counties. She currently teaches a First-Year Studies course for UTK freshmen who want to pursue a career in teaching special education. Miller volunteers with the PTSO at Bearden Elementary: having served as treasurer and now the Vice President. She additionally serves as a mentor for the Girl Scouts, participated on the Knox County Schools Parent Advisory Council and is a delivery driver for Mobile Meals.

Annazette Houston

Annazette Houston is the Executive Director of Equity and Compliance at Pellissippi State Community College and serves as the institution's ADA Coordinator. Ms. Houston has a rich professional history in the areas of equity, diversity and civil rights and presently serves as the Chair of the Tennessee Human Rights Commission. Through her involvement in many community boards and cultural activities both on and off campus, Ms. Houston is able to bring a unique personal and professional voice to disability issues.

Laykoon T. Huang

Laykoon came to the U.S. at the age of 19 to go to college at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  After graduation, she pursued her dream of becoming a physician and attended medical school at Vanderbilt.  She and her husband moved to Knoxville in 1982 where she started a private practice.  She is board certified in Occupational Medicine  and practiced occupational medicine as well as family practice for 30 years until she retired in 2012. Laykoon is active in: The Taiwanese Association of America – East TN Chapter ; the AARP Leadership Team, East Tennessee division; The Taoist Tai Chi Society of Tennessee; Mentoring of students for TN Achieves/TN Promise.

Josh Loebner

Josh Loebner is the Director of Strategy at Design Sensory. As a person with a disability in the marketing field, Mr. Loebner saw a serious lack of disability inclusion in advertising. On a mission to educate other marketing professionals, Mr. Loebner created a blog: Advertisinganddisability.com. This blog discusses the need for more diversity in advertising and encourages increased inclusion. Ultimately, Mr. Loebner strives to change the negative perception of people with disabilities in media.

Conya Mull

Conya Mull has spent the last nineteen years of her professional career assisting youth and adults with disabilities.  Advocating and being a voice for those who don’t have one, is not only a passion but a personal conviction of hers.  She works with employers and community providers by providing education as to why it makes sense to hire someone with a disability - including workplace accommodations.   An integrated employment setting, inclusion in the community, and independent living supports are important to ALL people not just some. Mull is knowledgeable in both state and federal program development and implementation and will continue to advocate for those who cannot advocate for their self.

Janet Neely

Janet Neely is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) with a history of teaching students in the Occupational Therapy field how to help people with disabilities (particularly neurological disabilities,) become more independent. She also has experience in home health care and gerontology, where she sees many needs of seniors and people with disabilities as it relates to home accessibility and appropriate transportation.

Monica Orr

Monica Orr received her Master’s in Leisure Service Administration from Gallaudet University and is currently working part time as the DeafBlind Coordinator for the Knoxville Center of the Deaf. 
Orr has over thirty years of experience with the DeafBlind disability community, and has experienced hearing loss since birth. She has much experience in deaf-blind tactile interpreting and support service, and has been involved with Knoxville’s DeafBlind community for many years.

Rebecca Parr

Rebecca Parr is the Co-founder of Next Step Initiative, an organization dedicated to serving communities and individuals who are experiencing the effects of poverty, such as homelessness, addictions, generational trauma, with a focus on access to resources and decreasing stigma. Rebecca also is the Production Manager for the University of Tennessee School of Music Opera Theatre program. She has worked globally for over 30 years in opera production, and also serves on the board of Marble City Opera. Rebecca serves on the Mayor's Council on Disability Issues, as an advocate for those living with mental health issues.

Dr. Larry Rodger

Dr. Larry Rodgers, now retired, practiced as a pediatrician for 21 years. Dr. Rogers has been affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center and University of Tennessee Medical Center. He received his medical degree from University of Tennessee College of Medicine and was in practice for more than 20 years. He was one of 27 doctors at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center and one of 128 at University of Tennessee Medical Center who specialized in Pediatrics.

Jennifer Shilling, Advocate, Disability Rights Tennessee

Jennifer Shilling is an Legal Rights Advocate with Disability Rights Tennessee (DRT).  DRT is Tennessee’s Protection & Advocacy System and has served – at no cost – more than 40,000 Tennesseans with disabilities.  DRT’s mission is to protect the rights of Tennesseans with disabilities.  Jennifer has specialized for 10+ years in working with children with disabilities to ensure their educational rights are being met.  She has previous employment experience with the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).  She has a passion for the education and employment of people with disabilities.

Christina Shipley

Christina Shipley has seen many ways in which disability and traditional culture can go hand in hand or collide when people are striving for independence. She is a mixed race Native American/Melungeon/Scots-Irish woman with a son who has “diffabilities.” Her son Jesse (HeHaKa Wa’ste) Shipley- Arcoren, was born on, and is federally enrolled at Rosebud Sioux Tribe in Rosebud, S.D. Ms. Shipley previously worked at The Cerebral Palsy Center as the Family Support Coordinator and also at Knox County Community Action Committee (CAC) on the mobile communication application initiative known as Project ERIC. She has been a volunteer parent/special projects assistant for the last three years for the CAC EAST Neighborhood Tutoring Program- mentoring children in the five points area and a volunteer parent on the Stop School Pushout and STEM Programs in Knox County. She has a passion for advocating for children, seniors and the disability community; always looking for ways to remove barriers to independence for everyone through her vast network of nonprofit community agencies and resources.

Stacy Spangler

Stacy is the Disability Resource Coordinator and Ticket to Work Program Administrator for CAC where she ensures The American Job center is ADA compliant and assists individuals with all types of disabilities with their job search and accessing accommodations. She also works with SSDI recipients to ensure that they have a full understanding of their Social Security Benefits. She was the Former Lead Job Coach for The Project Search Program UTMC site that is staffed by Autism Breakthrough of Knoxville, and a Workforce Development Manager for The Emory Valley Center. Stacy is an active member of the Project Search Steering Committee and Chair of The Knoxville Area Employment Consortium.

Joel Simmons

Joel Simmons has a BS in communications from Middle Tennessee State University and a MS in rehabilitation counseling from the University of Tennessee. He worked as a flight attendant both domestically and internationally for 23 years at Northwest Airlines. This experience exposed Joel to multiple cultures and people from all walks of life. He took early retirement in 2009 to work in the insurance industry full-time. In 2010 Joel had an automobile accident resulting in quadriplegia. He earned his master’s degree after his accident. He was 48 years old at the time of the accident and 52 years of age when he went back to school. Joel did his initial therapy at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta and continued outpatient therapy at Patricia Neal here in Knoxville. He is one of the founding members of the spinal cord support group, Able and Wheeling and has volunteered in this capacity since 2012. Able and Wheeling is a peer support group at Patricia Neal for newly injured SCI patients. Joel serves as a board member for the disABILITY Resource Center as well. He is also a volunteer speaker for the Roane State OTA and PTA classes on a regular basis. Joel worked for East Tennessee Technology Access Center from January 2016 until May 2019. He performed intake and assessments for vocational rehabilitation clients and help develop and implement programs assisting individuals and families affected by disabilities. Joel represented ETTAC at the Knoxville Area Employment Consortium meetings. KAEC actively tries to pair businesses with people who have disabilities. This type of inclusion results in positive outcomes for both parties. After leaving ETTAC he continues to volunteer with KAEC.

Darris Upton, Knox County Diversity Development Manager

Darris Upton recently received his Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee. While pursuing his degree he worked as a Community Specialist/Student Intern (MSSW) program for the City of Knoxville Office of Neighborhoods. Upton, a 12-year veteran of the U.S. Navy sustained injuries that led to the end of his military career with the Navy. He is now a disabled veteran and has seven years of experience with disability. Upton currently serves as Diversity Development Manager for Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs.  In this role, he helps the county develop better relationships with all minority populations throughout Knox County, including those with disabilities.  He finds areas where minority business owners can be more successful when doing business with Knox County and also works to find ways to make sure that our young people are aware of growing fields where they can be successful in the future as well. Upton is also very aware of the student community, specifically the difficulties any disabled student can experience with getting around and parking on campuses.

Melissa Van Dyke, UPEP

Melissa Van Dyke is the Business Liaison for Pellissippi State's Universal Pathways to Employment Project (UPEP). In her work at Pellissippi, Ms. Van Dyke assists students with disabilities in order to obtain employment. As a parent of three children, all with different disabilities, Ms. Van Dyke brings a personal perspective of living with hidden disabilities and can effectively educate about the prevalence of hidden disabilities, while also advocating for their true inclusion.

Nancy Welch

Nancy is the Program Manager of Knoxville-Knox County CAC's Volunteer Assisted Transportation program. For the last 10 years she has recruited, coordinated, and trained volunteers from the community to assist with transportation to Knox County seniors and people with disabilities. She came to Volunteer Assisted Transportation as a volunteer driver, while she was in training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and a Phlebotomist. Nancy has worked in healthcare and been a caregiver for family members and has seen first hand the needs of the elderly and what helps them remain independent, active, and healthy. Nancy's compassion and caring heart for the senior community is what motivates her each and every day to assist those in need.