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The Board of Zoning Appeals hears certain appeals of denials of building permits by the City's Plans Review and Inspections Department. An applicant can request a variance from the Zoning Code requirements or can appeal an administrative official’s interpretation of the Zoning Code.

Decisions of the Board of Zoning Appeals can be appealed to City Council within 15 days of the Board's decision. Appeals of a City Council decision related to Board of Zoning Appeals are made to Chancery Court.


The next BZA meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. This will be an online meeting format.  Anyone interested in viewing the online meeting or participating in this online meeting can join with the following link:

Passcode: 499618

Please contact Cheri Burke at 865-215-2867 or cmburke@knoxvilletn.gov with questions and to register prior to 06/15/2021.

5A21VA:  5826 Lucerne Ln [PDF]
5F21VA:  941 N Broadway [PDF]
6A21VA:  530 W Fifth Ave [PDF]
6B21VA:  317 N Cedar Bluff Rd [PDF]
6D21VA:  417 – 423 S Gay St [PDF]
6E21VA:  405 W Oldham Ave [PDF]
6F21VA:  215 E Oklahoma Ave  [PDF]
6G21VA:  718 E Depot Ave [PDF]
6H21VA:  1540 Member Ln  [PDF]
6I21VA:  7207 Coleridge Dr  [PDF]
6J21VA:  800 Longview Rd  [PDF]
6L21VA:  4919 N Broadway [PDF]