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Below is a list of neighborhood organizations that are located within the city limits of Knoxville and registered with the Office of Neighborhood Empowerment. For more information or how to contact someone from a specific organization, please contact Debbie Sharp at 865-215-4382 or dsharp@knoxvilletn.gov.

Learn how to include your neighborhood group in this Directory.

This Directory provides the name and website addresses provided by the organizations themselves. The number in parentheses next to the organization name denotes the City Council district in which the organization is located. 


Adair Gardens Residents Association (4)

Adell Ree Park Condominiums Homeowners Association (3)

Alice Bell/Springhill Neighborhood Association (4)

Alpine Meadow Neighborhood Watch (5)

Amherst-Helmbolt Community Association (3)

Anteelah Home Owners Association (2)

Bearden Village Council (2)

Boright Area Neighborhood Watch (4)

Brittany Place Homeowners Association (3)

Burlington Residents Association (6)

Carriage Lane Condominium Association (4)

Cedar Heights Residents Association (5)

Chilhowee Park Neighborhood Association (6)

Cold Springs Neighborhood Watch (6)

Colonial Village Neighborhood Association (1)

Community Forum (n/a)

Cumberland Estates West Neighborhood Watch (3)

Curtis Lane Neighbors (4)

Dalton Place Way Homeowners Association (5)

Dandridge Avenue Neighborhood Watch (6)

Deane Hill Alliance Association (2)

Deane Hill Neighborhood Community Association (2)

Deerfield Homeowners Association (3)

Delrose Drive Neighborhood Watch (6)

Eastport/Five Points Neighborhood Watch (6)

Edgewood Park Neighborhood Association (4)

Estates of Wellsley Park Homeowners Assn., Inc. (2)

Fairmont/Emoriland Neighborhood Association (4)

Fire Street Lofts Homeowners' Association (6)

Five Points/Eastport Tenants Association (6)

Forest Brook Neighborhood (2)

Forest Heights Neighborhood Association (2)

Fountain City Town Hall (4,5)

Fountaincrest Neighborhood Association (4)

Foxboro Homeowners Association (3)

Glasgow Neighborhood Watch (5)

Glenview Homeowners Association (3)

Hamilton House Condominium Association (2)

Harrill Hills Neighborhood Watch (4)

Harrill Hills Neighborhood Watch 2 (4)

Highland Neighbors Association (5)

Historic Fort Sanders Neighborhood Association (1)

Historic Fourth & Gill Neighborhood Organization (4)

Historic Gibbs Drive Neighborhood Association (4)

Historic Holston Hills Community Club (4)

Historic Sutherland Heights Neighborhood Association (6)

Holston Meadows Neighborhood Watch (4)

Inskip Community Association/ACI (5)

Island Home Park Neighborhood Association (1)

Kendrick Place Homeowners Association (6)

Kingston Pike - Sequoyah Hills Association (2)

Lake Forest Neighborhood Association (1)

Lake Glen Lane Community Neighborhood Watch (1)

Lindbergh Forest Neighborhood Association (1)

Lonas Drive Community Association (2)

Lonsdale Neighborhood Association (5)

Lyons View Community Club (2)

Marble City Neighborhood Organization (6)

Mechanicsville Community Association (6)

Michael Meadowview Neighborhood Watch (6)

Montgomery Village Resident Association (1)

Morningside Heights Homeowners Association (6)

Moss Creek Cottages HOA (3)

Moss Creek Villas Homeowners Association (3)

Murray Drive / Wilkerson Road Neighborhood Watch (3)

North Hills Area Association (4)

North Hills Neighborhood Watch (4)

Northwest Hills Neighborhood Watch (3)

Norwood Community Association (3,5) 

Oakwood/Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association (5)

Old Mechanicsville Neighborhood Interest (6)

Old North Knoxville Inc. (4)

Old Sevier Community Group (1)

Our Community Organization (6)

Parkridge Community Organization (6)

Pond Gap Area Neighborhood Association (2)

RiverHill Gateway Neighborhood Association (6)

Seminole Neighborhood Watch (5)

Seven Springs Home Owners Association (3)

Sherwood Court Homeowners Association (2)

South Haven Neighborhood Association (1)

South Knoxville Neighborhood & Business Coalition (1)

South Woodlawn Neighborhood Association (1)

Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association (1)

Spring Hill Villas Homeowners Association (4)

Tatewood Neighborhood Watch (4)

Tazewell Pike-Beverly Station Neighborhood Coalition (4)

The Austin Homes Residents Association (6)

The Holston Condos (6)

The Roseberry City Connection Community Association (5)

The Village at Bearden Homeowners Association (3)

Timbercrest Neighborhood Association (2)

Top of the Ridge Neighborhood Watch (5)

Tower Heights Community Association (5)

Town Hall East (4,6)

Vestal Community Organization (1)

View Park Neighborhood Watch (1)

Villas of Wellsley Park HOA (2)

We Care Neighborhood Watch (4)

Wesley Neighbors Community Association (2)

West Haven Village Neighborhood Community (3)

West Haven Village VI Homeowners Association (3)

West Hills Community Association (2)

West View Community Action Group (3)

West Moody Neighborhood Watch (1)

Westavia Woods Neighborhood Watch (3)

Westmoreland Estates Neighborhood Association (2)

Westmoreland Heights Neighborhood Association (2)

Westmoreland Hills Homeowners Association (2)

Westwood Homeowners Association (2)

Williams Creek Community Association (6)

Woodlawn Park Homeowners Association (1)

Woodview Drive Neighborhood Watch (5)