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"Knoxville's South Waterfront will be an active, attractive, and distinct part of downtown Knoxville, and a gateway to diverse neighborhoods, waterfront recreation, revitalized business districts, and places of employment. It will preserve and enhance things that make it special today. It will be a better place to live, work, play, and move around."
- Mayor Bill Haslam
Bob Whetsel
Director of Redevelopment
Room 655, City County Building
Fax: 865-215-3035
Dawn Michelle Foster
Deputy Director of Redevelopment
Room 655, City County Building
Fax: 865-215-3035
There are no meetings scheduled at this time.
View Blanchard & Calhoun presentation to City Council regarding the former Baptist Hospital site 10/15/13 [PDF]
A newsletter is available in the link below to interested parties for South Waterfront updates:
Archive of All Monthly Newsletters
If you would like to be added to the South Waterfront Newsletter email list, send email to southwaterfront@cityofknoxville.org.

The Knoxville South Waterfront Vision Plan, adopted in 2006, describes a long-term improvement strategy for an approximate 750-acre area fronting the 3-mile shoreline of the Tennessee River, directly south of downtown Knoxville and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Implementation tools were adopted soon thereafter, including a Knoxville South Waterfront Action Plan, an Urban Renewal and Redevelopment Plan, and the South Waterfront Development Code. The primary implementation strategy of the Vision Plan is to create public-private partnerships by funding, at least in part, public improvements in support of private redevelopment projects. Completion of the plan will take at least 20 years. Some of the public improvements include a continuous pedestrian/bicycle riverwalk along the shoreline, parks and green spaces, new and reconstructed streets, a new pedestrian/bicycle bridge connecting the South Waterfront to the University campus, sidewalks, bike lanes, and parking. It is anticipated that these public improvements will stimulate private investment, resulting in the addition of new residential, commercial, retail, and recreational opportunities. These public-private partnerships are intended to benefit residents, businesses, visitors, and the City's tax base. The intent of the Vision Plan is to create a safe, secure, attractive, and walkable series of mixed use developments that complement and connect to the downtown and the university.


The South Waterfront Action Plan recommends several public improvement projects be pursued as part of Phase I, which covers the first five years of Vision Plan implementation. Detailed design work, property acquisition, and environmental permitting activities have already started for several projects, with more information provided in the table below. The slowing of the economy in 2008 has impacted the private development interest in the South Waterfront. Market demand is weak, and developers continue to face challenges when seeking project financing. The South Waterfront Department continues to prepare public improvement projects through advancing design work and reducing potential permitting delays in anticipation of private investment as the economy continues to improve.


Adoption of the South Waterfront Urban Renewal & Redevelopment Plan led to the creation of an Advisory Board established by Knoxville's Community Development Corporation (KCDC). The Advisory Board addresses dilapidated buildings and properties, homeowner retention and assistance programs, and neighborhood concerns. Public notifications of Advisory Board meetings are advertised through KCDC and the South Waterfront Department, and the meetings are open to the Public.


The founding principles for designing and implementing redevelopment in the South Waterfront are economic feasibility and transparency. Proposed private projects are subject to Return-On-Investment analyses to determine the extent to which public funding support may be offered. Although the extensive public involvement phase engaged to produce the Vision Plan and related implementation tools, the South Waterfront Department remains committed to making project information available for public review and inspection through the links provided below. South Waterfront Department staff is also available to meet with individuals or groups upon request to discuss the general status of the South Waterfront, or to report progress on specific projects.
Schematic Design
  • RFP for Public Improvements Consultant [PDF]
  • Public Improvements Scope of Work [PDF]
  • Cityview Riverwalk and Blount Ave. Streetscape: Preliminary Design and Graphics [ PDF]
  • Schematic Design - Plans
  • Schematic Design - Renderings
  • Schematic Design - Final
  • Permit Application [PDF]
  • Natural Resources and Ecological Evaluation Report [PDF]
  • Cultural Context, Archaeological Research Design, and Phase I Survey Results [PDF]
  • Sidescan Sonar Survey Results [PDF]
  • Cityview Condominiums / Riverwalk / Blount Avenue Reconstruction
  • Preliminary Design and Graphics [PDF]
    The following Blount Ave. documents are for informational purposes only and do not reflect any changes made after 06/26/2009.
  • Title Sheet, Index [PDF]
  • Estimated Construction Quantities, Typical Sections [PDF]
  • Special Details, General Notes [PDF]
  • Property Map and Right-of-Way Acquisition, Demolition Plan [PDF]
  • Present and Proposed Layout [PDF]
  • Drainage and Erosion Control Plan, Profiles [PDF]
  • Traffic Control, Signing and Pavement Markings, Traffic Signals, Lighting Plan [PDF]
  • Roadway Cross-Sections [PDF]
  • Landscape Plan and Details [PDF]
  • Electric Distribution and Details [PDF]
  • Plans and Specifications [PDF]
  • Suttree Landing Park / Waterfront Drive Improvements
  • 11-06-13 Public Meeting Questions & Comments [PDF]
  • 11-06-13 Public Meeting Presentation [PDF]
  • Park Open House 05-06-09 [PDF]
  • Road Design Graphics [PDF]
  • Southshore Properties Rendering Front [PDF]
  • Southshore Properties Rendering Back [PDF]
  • Park Design Workshop [PDF]
  • Road Meeting Comments 09-12-08 [PDF]
  • Park Meeting Comments 09-02-08 [PDF]
  • Completed Street Design (coming soon)
  • Completed Park Design (coming soon)
  • TDEC Brownfield Agreement [PDF]
  • TDEC Brownfield Agreement Remedial Action / Environmental Redev. Strategy Report [PDF]
  • TDEC Brownfield Agreement Soil Management Plan [PDF]
  • KCDC Request for Proposals Demolition of Land & Marine Structures [PDF]
  • EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant Program
  • Grant Application [PDF]
  • Grant Workplan [PDF]
  • EPA / City of Knoxville Agreement [PDF]
  • S&ME Consulting Contract & Scope or Work [PDF]
  • April 6, 2010 Public Meeting Presentation Slides [PDF]
  • South Waterfront - University of TN Pedestrian / Bicycle Bridge
  • TDOT Local Agency Project Agreement: Engineering Design & Environmental Doc. [PDF]
  • TDOT Notice to Proceed [PDF]
  • MACTEC Report: Preliminary Subsurface Exploration [PDF]
  • RFQ: Design, Civil Engineering & Environmental Services [PDF]
  • RFQ: Design, Civil Engineering & Environmental Services Addendum 1 [PDF]
  • RFQ: Design, Civil Engineering & Environmental Services Addendum 2 [PDF]
  • RFQ: Design, Civil Engineering & Environmental Services Addendum 3 [PDF]
  • RFQ: Design, Civil Engineering & Environmental Services Addendum 4 [PDF]
  • Competitive Draft Design Proposal Phase - SW-UT Bridge Project Addendum 1 [PDF]
  • Competitive Draft Design Proposal Phase - SW-UT Bridge Project Addendum 2 [PDF]
  • Oct. 13th Draft Design Program [PDF]
  • Oct. 10th Public Open House Display [PDF]
  • Oct. 13th Bridge Plans & Perspective Images [PDF]
  • Oct. 13th City Council Workshop Slides [PDF]
  • SW Feasibility Study [PDF] (released 04/12/05)
  • Conceptual Plan Video (released January 2006)
  • SW Vision Plan (adopted 04/25/06)
  • SW Action Plan [PDF]
  • Development Strategy Report [PDF] (released 03/23/06)
  • SW Redevelopment Plan [PDF] (adopted 09/28/06)
  • SW Traffic Impact Study [PDF] (released 01/31/07)
  • Final Design Vignettes [PDF] (released 02/02/07)
  • SW Code (adopted 02/27/07; effective 03/16/07)
  • South Waterfront Advisory Board Membership
    12/11/07 - City Announces Major Project for South Waterfront
    09/06/07 - City Receives Outstanding Planning Award
    10/04/06 - Hill Named Senior Director of South Waterfront Development
    08/28/06 - Redevelopment Plan and TIF District Available Online
    07/19/06 - Public Meeting to Discuss South Waterfront Redevelopment & Urban Renewal Plan
    06/07/06 - Neighborhood Meeting Set to discuss new form-based coding for the South Waterfront
    05/19/06 - City Council Workshop regarding S. Waterfront Action Plan Scheduled for May 25
    05/04/06 - South Waterfront Development Financial Strategy Draft Available
    04/21/06 - Knoxville South Waterfront Drop-In Center
    04/19/06 - Vision Plan Announced
    03/28/06 - South Waterfront Topic of Two Meetings
    02/02/06 - South Waterfront Vision Plan Presented to Citizens
    02/01/06 - Thursday's South Waterfront event begins with Open House
    12/13/05 - Alternatives for South Waterfront topic of public workshop for Dec. 15th
    11/15/05 - Public invited to Thursday workshop on South Waterfront
    10/20/05 - Public input sought to South Waterfront master plan
    09/01/05 - Contract talks to begin on South Waterfront plan
    08/05/05 - Oversight committee tapped for South Waterfront project
    07/29/05 - Three teams selected for South Waterfront interviews
    07/19/05 - South Waterfront plan proposals opened
    06/03/05 - City seeks proposals for South Knoxville waterfront plan
    04/12/05 - Opportunities exist on South Knox waterfront
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