Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste

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Garbage Collection Waste Connections picks up weekly. Call 311 or 215-4311 with any questions or concerns.

Bulky Waste Collection - Bulky waste that is set out with your regular trash is picked up within two days of your regular trash service day.

Brush Collection - Brush collection occurs every two weeks from March through October. To prevent traffic accidents, please do not place brush piles in the streets. Check brush pickup schedule for your street.

Roll Off Dumpster
- The City's Public Service Department provides dumpsters to all city residents two times per year at $75/per dumpster fee. Due to high demand, there is generally a wait list.

Household Hazardous Waste - City of Knoxville and Knox County residents may dispose of household hazardous waste by taking it to the City's Solid Waste Facility at 1033 Elm Street.

Leaf Collection - There are four pickups in each neighborhood from November through February. Leaves should be placed in piles along the curb.

Recycling - Drop-Off Centers - There are several recycling drop-off supercenters in the city that are operated in conjunction with Goodwill Industries. The centers are open 24 hours a day.

Recycling - Household Curbside Service - Households within Knoxville's city limits that receive weekly garbage collection are eligible for the free curbside recycling program. There is currently a waiting list.

Solid Waste Facility - The Solid Waste Facility is where individuals and businesses can dispose of a wide variety of solid waste materials. The facility is located at 1033 Elm Street.

Storm Drain MaintenanceWhen storm drains or City pipes become clogged, Public Service will remove debris and correct the issue to return proper water flow.