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Captain Don Jones

The Patrol Division performs the primary police function: Patrol. Embodying the true pride and tradition of the department, the Patrol Division is marked by a philosophy of teamwork. The division's patrol function, in its simplest terms, is the prevention and deterrence of criminal activity operations and the provision of day-to-day police service to the community.

The work performed by this division is massive in its scope. While usually occurring in a motor vehicle, officers may also respond on foot, bicycle, boat, or motorcycle to calls for police service.

Patrol Division officers are responsible for order maintenance and problem solving in the community. Unlike departmental members assigned to specific tasks, the uniformed patrol officer must be knowledgeable and proficient at a variety of tasks. The uniformed officers are highly trained in recognizing neighborhood concerns in addition to criminal activity.

Officers assigned to this division are the most visible symbols of all city services and considered the foundations on which other police services are delivered.

Division Units

• East District
• West District
• Central Business Detail
• Repeat Offender Squad
• Knoxville Community Development Corporation (KCDC) Security Detail
• K-9 Detail
• Motorcycle Unit
• Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Detail
• Hit & Run Investigation Detail
• Red Light Camera Enforcement Program
• Traffic Calming Initiative
• Safe Streets Program
• Animal Control Unit
• Inspections Unit
• Explorer Program
• Crisis Negotiations Unit
• Special Operations Squad
• Explosive Ordnance Disposal Detail
• Mobile Field Force
• Search and Recovery Team
• Marine Unit
• Honor Guard