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Rebekah Jane Justice
Deputy Chief, Economic and Community Development


Cheryl Ball
Deputy Chief, Economic and Community Development


City Economic and Community Development is led by Deputy to the Mayor and Chief Economic and Community Development Officer Stephanie Welch.

Development of the City of Knoxville consists of enhancing the climate for quality growth through the strategic development of incentives and the involvement of appropriate organizations, individuals, and the public in the policy making process.

Successful performance will provide economic opportunity for the city's citizens and improve their quality of life.

The department works closely with City Council, Knox County, Knoxville-Knox County Planning, KCDC, CBID, Knoxville Chamber, Development Corporation of Knox County, Visit Knoxville, Airport Authority and Zoo Knoxville. The department aggressively pursues creative methods to leverage city economic resources to help realize this commitment to quality growth.

Downtown Knoxville has become a vibrant and exciting neighborhood as well as serving as the city's entertainment and cultural hub. Downtown is an important economic driver for our city. The Department takes major responsibility for downtown projects, especially those in which the city makes an investment with the expectation of economic return for its citizens.

Housing and Neighborhood Development
Development Services
Downtown & Urban Corridors
Project Areas