Deferred Compensation Committee

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The responsibilities and makeup of the Deferred Compensation Committee are specified in the City of Knoxville Deferred Compensation Plan, which was approved by the Knoxville City Council. The Committee is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the deferred compensation plan, including the investment options offered within the plan. 


There are seven members of the Committee, three standing members from the Employee Benefits Office, the Law Department and the Pension Board and four members serving staggered terms: one from the Police Department, one from the Fire Department and two from general government. The Mayor appoints the four members who serve staggered terms. 


The Committee meets quarterly.


The Committee is advised by Raymond James under a contract approved by City Council. Raymond James is paid by Prudential from the plan assets. Joe Thompson, Managing Director, is the consultant assigned by Raymond James. Joe Thompson's telephone number is 865-777-5849.

Click here to view current committee membership and to check for opportunities to serve on this committee.