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  In order to better serve the needs of people with disabilities and seniors, the City is asking people to participate in a Disability-Friendly City Survey. Elements that make a city friendly to people with disabilities and seniors are accessible options for transportation, housing, health services, civic and social involvement, recreational and leisure facilities, environment and weather, education, and employment.
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  Multiple City departments are working to make downtown and neighborhoods – as well as City parks and recreation programs – more accessible to people with disabilities. Stephanie Cook, the City's ADA Coordinator, sees progress being made. She's pleased the City is prioritizing walkable neighborhoods, and more paths are being opened for people using wheelchairs. 
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The regular meetings of the Mayor's Council On Disability Issues (CODI) are held bimonthly (February, April, June, August and October,) on the second Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. in the Small Assembly Room of the City County Building.

Special called meetings are held on alternate months (January, March, May, September and November,) in the Main Assembly Room and provide a panel discussion on a timely, disability-specific topic that is taped by Community Television (CTV). Typically, both CODI regular and special-called meetings last until 6:30 p.m.


The council consists of at least nine and up to 21 members. The members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. Terms are for three years. Members cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.


The regular meetings of CODI are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. in the Small Assembly Room.

May 9, 2018
June 13, 2018
July 11, 2018
August 8, 2018 
September 12, 2018
October 10, 2018
November 14, 2018 
December 12, 2018

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