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Neighborhood Coordinator

Debbie Sharp
(865) 215-3232

400 Main St., Room 546
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Here are PDF documents mentioned in various issues of The Neighborhood Advisory newsletter or in the Knoxville Neighborhoods Calendar. The document name is followed by the date of the issue in which the document was first mentioned.

2017 National Night Out Events 10-3-2017 [PDF}

Knox County Hazard Mitigation Plan Flyer 9-19-2017 [PDF]

Fight The Blight Class Application 9-12-2017 [PDF]

City Council Candidate Websites 6-27-2017

PARC July 2017 Meeting Flyer

One-Year Work Plan 6-6-2017 (Word)
One-Year Work Plan 6-6-2017 (PDF)

Flyer for May 2 "Rent Smart" Workshop

2017 Legislative Budget Hearings Agenda 4-18-2017

Recommended 2017 Awards under the Neighborhood Small Grants Program 11-15-2016

Town Hall East Tower Opposition Letter 10-04-2016

Broadway Viaduct Detour Map 09-20-2016

TDOT Western Avenue Widening Project

Public Comments on Proposed Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program 08-16-2016
     Comments Received Via Email
     Online Survey Comments Part 1
     Online Survey Comments Part 2
     Public Meeting Comments

Proposed Regulation of Short-term Rental Properties
     Short-Term Rental Properties (City PowerPoint) 08-16-2016
     Asheville Analysis of Short-Term Rentals 08-02-2016

Process for Neighborhood Sign Permits 07-12-2016
Request for Neighborhood Entrance Sign 07-12-2016
Alternative Financial Services 6/30/2016 Presentation to City Council Workshop 07-05-2016
Club Dejavu Closed as Public Nuisance 04-12-2016
Urban Agriculture 06-09-2015