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Dial 311 for City ServicesWelcome to the City of Knoxville 311 Center for Service Innovation! 

The City of Knoxville is committed to providing the highest level of service and satisfaction. If you have any difficulty with your service request or need further assistance, please call the City of Knoxville at 311 or 865-215-4311 during normal business hours. 

These services are ONLY available for locations within the City limits.

You may submit a service request by first selecting the desired service from the menu provided. If your request is not listed call the 311 Center for Service Innovation.

If this is an emergency, please dial 911.


• This program assists city residents in removal of large bulky trash items. These dumpsters are for tenants only, not landlords or realty companies.
• This is a Residential Service Only. The City of Knoxville's Public Service Department can provide dumpsters to city residents two times per year at a $75/per dumpster fee.
• To request a roll off dumpster, you must give your name, address and daytime phone number.
• Requests are scheduled in the order that they are received, however, please expect a wait time due to high demand
• The Public Service Dept will call you to schedule delivery. You may keep the dumpster for up to seven (7) days.
• Dumpsters dropped on a weekday will be retrieved the following week.
• Unacceptable items include appliances with food in them, construction or demolition debris, roofing, toxic substances, gas tanks, tires, rocks, brick, dirt, or concrete. Contents are monitored during the disposal process and abuse of this policy will result in denial of any future request.
• Enter any information you can add that would help us process this request under Additional Information. Secondary phone number, email, best time to call, etc. are helpful.
• See the Public Service Dept. web page for more details on the Roll Off Dumpster Program.


• Use to request pickup of a deceased animal. If the animal is posing a traffic hazard, dial 911.
• The City is not allowed to enter Private Property to collect the animal. The animal must be within 5 feet of the edge of the street.
• For stray animal pickup, call KPD at 865-215-8639 or 865-215-8640.
• The City does not handle animals on Interstates or in lakes or waterways. If there are questions, please call 311.
• Enter the exact location of the dead animal under Additional Information.
• If this is from a veterinary clinic or shelter, please enter the clinic name and phone number under Additional Information. Please be aware that veterinary staff must be present upon pickup to load the truck. City employees are not responsible for loading the truck.


• Use to submit a concern about City policy, services, personnel, or property.
• If the complaint is about City policy, please use this address: 400 Main Street, Knoxville, TN 37902. Or feel free to call 311 with your request during normal business hours.


• Use to report a pothole in a City street.
• Pothole repairs will normally be completed within 2 business days.
• If our inspection reveals a road issue that is not a City responsibility, or is larger in scope than a mere patch, then the needed work will be reported to the responsible agency.
• Describe the situation in detail (location in street, size) under Additional Information. Please be as specific as possible regarding the location and description of the Pothole.


• Use to report a streetlight issue/outage on a City street.
• Please provide a pole number or streetlight number for the non-functioning light(s) you want to report
• If a pole or streetlight number is not available, please provide the nearest address
• Please describe the issue (e.g. light flickering, light out, etc.) in detail in the Additional Information area of the form. Please be as specific as possible regarding the location of the streetlight.
• If this is your backyard light, please contact KUB.


• Use to report the following missed residential services: garbage, recycling, bulky waste, leaves, brush.
• Garbage is collected weekly and Recycling is collected biweekly by Waste Connections: 865-522-0078.
• Bulky Waste pickup is on the same day as garbage collection. Limit is 5 bulky items per household per week.
• Leaves are picked up 4 times from Nov 1-Feb 1.
• Brush is picked up biweekly from Feb 2-Oct 31.
• Construction Debris should be taken to the transfer station at 1033 Elm St.
• You must enter Name and Day Time Phone Number below so that you can be reached if further information is needed.
• Enter any information you can add that would help us process this request under Additional Information.