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This is the first time in nearly 60 years that Knoxville’s zoning code has gone through a comprehensive update. The goals of the update are to protect valued community assets, support connectivity among people and places, and encourage investment. The new code will allow the City to adopt modern standards and protect and enhance its sense of place in the years to come. 


  Check out this quick fact sheet for answers about Recode Knoxville
FAQ's Page | FAQ's [PDF]
May 2016 - City Council provides funds to Knoxville-Knox County Planning to update Knoxville's zoning ordinance

June 2016 - RFP issued for consultant  |  View RFP [PDF]

December 2016 - Camiros hired as consultant
A selection committee made up of City, MPC staff and MPC Commissioners selected Camiros, Ltd. from a pool of RFP applicants. Camiros, a full-service planning, zoning, and urban design consultancy located in Chicago, Ill., visited Knoxville to gather information and inform their work.

February 2017 - Project formally begins 

March 2017 - Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee meets for first time 
The Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee is an ad hoc, advisory committee comprised of community members appointed by Mayor Rogero and affirmed by City Council. The Committee is tasked with providing feedback during the comprehensive update of the City’s zoning ordinance. Composed of representatives of key sectors of the community, the Committee will provide feedback to ensure that the updated ordinance serves the diverse interests of the City. As an advisory body, the Committee will not have a role in the approval of the updated zoning ordinance.

Recode KnoxvilleMay 2017 - Website www.RecodeKnoxville.com launched  |  First community meeting held
The first community meeting for the Recode Knoxville zoning code update was held at on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at Central United Methodist Church, 201 Third Ave. 

June - July 2017 - Survey launched  |  View Survey
Knoxville area residents, workers and business owners jumped at the chance to weigh in on the City’s zoning ordinance update. The survey addressed a variety of issues and topics across the City, related to neighborhoods, commercial areas, transportation and sustainability. The survey was open from June 19 – July 12, 2017 and received 1,638 responses.

September 2017
- Technical Report released [PDF]
Camiros reviewed the City of Knoxville's current zoning regulations and presented their findings in the Recode Knoxville Technical Report. The report highlights substantive changes to current regulations and offers conceptual approaches to resolving specific issues as the consultants work on the first draft of the new code.

March 2018 - Ordinance Draft 1 released [PDF]
The first draft of the City’s new zoning ordinance was released on March 21, 2018 at the Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting.

April 2018 - Planning contracts with Urban League, SEEED and Centro Hispano for community engagement  |  View Centro Hispano Report [PDF]  |  View Knoxville Area Urban League Report [PDF]
Knoxville-Knox County Planning contracted with the Knoxville Area Urban League and SEEED, in partnership with Centro Hispano de East Tennessee, to help gather input for Recode from traditionally underrepresented sectors of the city. 

August 2018 - Map Draft 1 released  |  Ordinance Draft 2 released [PDF]

October 2018 - Map Draft 2 released  |  Ordinance Draft 3 released [PDF]

December 2018 - Map Draft 3 released  |  Ordinance Draft 4 released [PDF]

January 2019 - Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission votes to send Recode to Knoxville City Council
On January 10, 2019, Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission voted to send Recode Knoxville to City Council for consideration.

February 2019 - Recode Design Charrette [PDF]  |  Two City Council workshops
AIA East Tennessee and the East Tennessee Community Design Center held a Design Charrette utilizing six sites throughout the city to evaluate the proposed ordinance. City Council held a workshop to address details and concerns about non-residential zones and held an additional workshop on residential zones, including single-family, multi-family, and general residential zones. 

April 2019 - City Council workshop
City Council held a third workshop devoted to Recode Knoxville on Thursday, April 4, 2019. The discussion covered major policy questions that had not been fully addressed in previous workshops. Those topics included ADUs, office zones, home-based business regulations, duplex minimum lot sizes, outdoor lighting standards, and commercial design standards.

May 2019 - Map Draft 4 released  |  Ordinance Draft 5 released [PDF]

June 2019 - Comparison of Recode Zones to Old Zones [PDF]  |  Draft 5 as amended & approved by Planning Commission [PDF]

July 2019 - Map Draft 4 w/Proposed RevisionsOrdinance Draft 5 as amended & approved by City Council on First Reading [PDF]

August 2019City Council passed both the zoning ordinance text and the map on second reading at the August 13th meeting