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Proposed 2005-06 Budget
Knoxville Works!  |  PDF File
Mayor's Speech
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04/28/05 - Mayor Presents Budget
02/09/05 - City's Condition Improving

KNOXVILLE WORKS! Is Mayor Bill Haslam's strategic plan for the City of Knoxville. The purpose of the plan is to identify and communicate the Mayor's goals for Knoxville to its citizens and business interests and to the employees of city government. It is the Mayor's intent that this plan, in combination with the budget and associated performance measurement system, will guide project implementation and service delivery to Knoxville citizens for all government services. In addition, KNOXVILLE WORKS! seeks to identify capital projects and operating initiatives that require management and budget emphasis beyond the routine services provided by city government.

KNOXVILLE WORKS! Contains six major ingredients: Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Values, Goals, Strategies/Objectives and Performance Measures of Success.

Knoxville will be America's premier city in which to live, work and raise a family.

The City of Knoxville government provides superior services and cultural amenities to all citizens in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner. We encourage, promote and facilitate economic growth while treating all citizens with dignity and respect.

  • Integrity comes first! Do the right thing all the time
  • Our first priority is to serve the citizens of the City of Knoxville.
  • We will provide a leadership role in our city by modeling a diverse work force, throughout all departments and all ranks.
  • We are committed to providing great service at a great value to our citizens.
  • Every employee of the City of Knoxville has an important role to play and an obligation to uphold.

  • Stronger, safer neighborhoods
  • City services you can count on at a competitive price
  • An energized downtown; everybody's neighborhood
  • More and better jobs


  • Implement neighborhood network.
  • Identify several key neighborhood projects throughout the city and deliver on them.
  • Improve the code enforcement process.
  • Support and protect our neighborhoods in the heart of Knoxville.
  • Identify and focus on owner-occupied housing strategies.
  • Enhance and develop high quality greenways, trails, and park systems.
  • Clear and redevelop problem properties.
  • Establish a program to implement traffic calming initiatives.
  • Improve the city's stormwater and flood control programs.
  • Improved citizen ratings of the neighborhoods as excellent places to live.
  • Improved citizen ratings of city services in their neighborhood.
  • Increased percentage of code violations resolved within established response times.
  • Increase housing starts and permits.
  • Improved traffic safety and reduced speeding violations on local streets.


  • Investment Plan
  • Craft the city's investment plan (grants, operating budgets, capital projects) to relate directly to one or more of the KNOXVILLE WORKS! priorities.
  • Utilize the five-year budget forecast to implement programs and projects within the limits of resource availability.
  • Implement performance-based contracting.
  • Redesign the development review & permitting process
  • Update development regulations.
  • Re-engineer the plans review and permitting process.
  • Engage the development community, and relevant non-city entities.
  • Investigate the feasibility of a "One-Stop Shop" location for development-related agencies.
  • Make STRATEGIES the basis for everything the city does
  • Share Knoxville Works! with City Council and other key stakeholders.
  • Review Performance Measurements Quarterly.
  • Engaged City Workforce
  • Align human resource functions with priorities and performance expectations.
          - Develop HR support.
          - Enhance training & professional development opportunities.
          - Reexamine and update administrative rules.
  • Establish regular communications with employees throughout the organization and solicit employee input on a regular basis.
  • Develop the future leaders of the organization.
  • Empower employees to resolve customer issues.
  • Performance Management System
  • Focus on key department performance measures.
  • Educate employees on priority results and performance expectations.
  • Include performance expectations within employee evaluations.
  • Partner with employees to identify ideas for service improvements and cost savings.
  • Reform the employee performance goal-setting and review process.
          - Process should be proactive, not reactive.
  • Fund a performance pay plan.
  • Include an "Internal Services" component to address internal customer support and impact on direct customer service delivery; i.e. - Fleet, Finance, etc.
  • Knoxville - Knox County Cooperation
  • Explore the creation of a joint investment plan.
  • Implement shared services plan.
  • Conduct discussions regarding potential merged services efforts; prioritize and initiate specific actions based on scales of economy and gains in efficiency.
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Make customer satisfaction a primary focus of the organization.
  • Obtain citizen/customer feedback often and use it to improve results.
  • Meet the customer's need at the first person of contact.
  • Set an ambitious target for overall citizen satisfaction with city services.
  • Technology
  • Structure the city's technology investments to support the city's priorities.
  • Expand e-government as a means to improve service and lower costs.
  • Use the 3-1-1 system to help establish baseline for other priorities.
  • Implement the new financial management system.
  • Make pride in Knoxville a powerful force for results
  • Gauge the current "sense of community" through a citizen survey.
  • Engage civic, nonprofit and private organizations as partners in delivering improved neighborhood services.
  • Improved citizen ratings of city services.
  • Increased percentage of 3-1-1 system requests handled as promised.
  • Increased percentage in customer satisfaction with the city's development review and permitting processes as per customer feedback surveys.
  • Balanced five-year forecast for city revenues and expenditures.
  • Increased percentage of citizens rating their city services as a good value.
  • Explore development of a benchmark index with peer localities.


  • Adopt "action plan" for the downtown.
  • Strengthen performance metrics in contracts related to convention center promotion and management.
  • Develop infrastructure to support downtown development.
  • Promote cultural diversity through special events and activities.
  • Redevelop World's Fair site's permanent assets.
  • Open movie theater by fall 2006.
  • Initiate South Waterfront development plan.
  • Increase in occupied downtown commercial and residential space.
  • Increase in downtown's economic benefits to the entire city (e.g. - change in net new city revenues generated by the downtown).
  • Increase in sales tax recapture by downtown businesses.


  • Develop detailed action plan for short term and long term including education system.
  • Improve minority employment opportunities.
  • Set priorities with Chamber Partnership and Jobs Now program.
  • Pursue redevelopment & improvement strategy for I-275 Corridor and surrounding neighborhoods with strong linkages to job creation.
  • Set specific goals on recruiting and retention
  • Increase in number of jobs (net) added in the city.
  • Increase in average wage rate.
  • Increase employment for minorities, women, and people with special needs.
  • Click here to download Knoxville Works! in [PDF] format
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