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Accident Insurance [PDF]
Accident Claim Form [PDF]
AllState Benefits Info [PDF]
Cancer Insurance [PDF]
Cancer Claim Form [PDF]
Critical Illness Insurance [PDF]
Critical Illness Claim Form [PDF]
LifeTime Benefit Term Insurance [PDF]
Wellness Claim Form [PDF]
For more information please call Employee Benefits at 215-2111.
The City makes several voluntary insurance options available to employees. If you wish to enroll in one or more of the following plans, you can choose individual or family coverage. You can enroll for these plans during annual enrollment only. You pay the cost of any coverage through payroll deduction.

The plans are administered by BeneSync. Employees hired during the year, who are newly eligible for voluntary benefits, will receive personalized enrollment forms during annual enrollment. Enrollment is as easy as checking the coverage you want - no medical questions asked.

Previously eligible employees who wish to enroll for the first time should call 1-877-848-9251; medical questions will be required for these employees. If currently enrolled, coverage will continue; no ongoing enrollment is required.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance is designed to assist with out-of-pocket expenses - medical and non-medical - associated with battling this disease, and pays a cash benefit directly to you. Coverage includes an annual benefit for chemotherapy, radiation, blood, plasma and platelets. In addition, the plan provides an initial diagnosis benefit, hospital confinement benefit and a benefit for new or experimental treatment. Each covered person can also claim an annual wellness benefit for various cancer screening exams.

LifeTime Benefit Term Insurance

LifeTime Benefit Term insurance is an affordable, permanent term life policy with guaranteed coverage to age 121 and a level premium to age 100. Unlike other life insurance products, premiums do not increase based on your age. You can elect individual or family coverage.

This coverage provides additional benefits, including:

  • A no-cost accelerated death benefit, which advances 50% of the face amount if the covered person is diagnosed as terminally ill.
  • A no-cost accelerated benefit for long-term care if the covered person becomes eligible for benefits by being both chronically ill and confined to a nursing or assisted living facility, or by receiving home health or adult day care services
  • A paid-up death benefit after just five years, which means if you stop paying premiums at some point in the future, you are guaranteed paid-up coverage of a reduced amount.

    LifeTime Benefit Term coverage is fully portable, which means you can keep your coverage even if you leave employment with the City and the premiums remain the same.

    Critical Illness Insurance

    Critical illness insurance pays a lump-sum cash benefit directly to you following the diagnosis of a covered critical illness, which includes but is not limited to heart attack, heart and major organ transplant, stroke, coronary artery bypass surgery, kidney (renal) failure, paralysis and Alzheimer's disease. This coverage also provides an annual wellness benefit.

    Living with a critical illness can create a significant financial hardship. According to an American Journal of Medicine study, 62% of bankruptcies are the result of medical bills.

    Of those cases, 78% had employer-sponsored medical insurance at the beginning of their illness.

    You can purchase critical illness insurance alone or combine it with cancer insurance for comprehensive supplemental medical coverage.

    Accident Insurance

    Accident insurance provides coverage for work or non-work-related injuries and medical expenses such as emergency room care, hospital confinement, fractures, accidental death and more. Cash benefits are paid directly to you.

    Contact Info Topic
    1-888-808-1664 ext. 298
    Policy service, eligibility questions
    BeneSync Call Center
    Previously eligible employees can call to enroll during annual enrollment
    Allstate Customer Service
    Accident, cancer or critical Illness claims questions
    Fidelity Customer Service
    LifeTime Benefit Term claims questions

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