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Employees of the City of Knoxville who are members of any military reserve organization are entitled a maximum of twenty (20) working days annually of paid military leave when engaged in the performance of duty or training in the Military Reserve. An employee on military leave shall receive his/her regular rate of pay for that period of leave. Requests for military leave shall include copies of the military orders. An employee ordered for pre-induction physical examination shall be given time off with pay for this purpose by showing his/her orders to the Department Head. Requests for leave of absence for any period of absence which exceeds ten (10) working days should be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance of the beginning date of the requested leave. Requests for military leave in excess of twenty (20) working days annually shall be made as far in advance of the contemplated absence as is reasonably possible. The employee may but is not required to use accrued annual leave during an absence due to military service.

An employee who is granted a leave of absence for military service shall have the time spent in military service credited to the employee's current service for the purpose of determining his/her benefits hereunder. The conditions and limitations for credit for leave for military service are:

1. A leave of absence for military service will be limited to five (5) cumulative years for a regular enlistment or other voluntary service;

2. The employee must reapply for employment within ninety (90) days of his separation from military service, except that employees who are hospitalized at time of termination of military service will have up to two (2) years to make application to the head of his/her department for re-employment; and

3. Upon his/her return to employment from military service, the employee may, in addition to making his/her current contribution to the pension fund, make all contributions to the pension fund which he/she would have made had he/she been employed by the City during the time of said military leave of absence at his/her annual rate of pay at the date said leave of absence commenced. Additionally, upon release from military service such employee shall be re-employed by the City of Knoxville in a position no lower than the same pay grade and salary level than that in which he/she was employed at the time of departure, upon condition that such employee is physically and mentally qualified to perform the required duties.

4. Pursuant to the aforementioned conditions, the employee must report to duty with the City when instructed and will be required to furnish a copy of military orders showing the date of release from duty and a certificate showing satisfactory performance of duty.

Pursuant to the City Code, the Mayor is authorized to issue an Executive Order to increase the benefits contained in this section for a period not to exceed two (2) full years for each employee called to active duty.

The City of Knoxville will comply with all federal laws applicable to the re-employment of individuals who have been on leave of absence due to military service.

Requests for leave of absence for any period of absence which exceeds ten (10) working days should be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance of the beginning date of the requested leave.

For more information about military leave, please contact Employee Benefits at 865-215-2111.








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