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City of Knoxville, Tennessee
Madeline Rogero, Mayor

For Immediate Release
City Seeks Neighborhood-Minded Volunteers for Advisory Council
Neighborhood Advisory Council
March 11, 2009 - The City of Knoxville is seeking nominations to fill six vacant seats on the newly reorganized and enlarged Neighborhood Advisory Council.

There are two open city-wide seats, and four open seats representing City Council districts 3, 4, 5 and 6.

“Individuals who serve on the Advisory Council help shape the goals and programs of the Office of Neighborhoods and advise the city administration on a variety of neighborhood issues,” noted David Massey, neighborhoods coordinator for the City.

The Advisory Council meets monthly except in December and one month in the summer. Members are asked to attend at least seven meetings per year. In addition to their advisory role, members may, as time allows, serve as an informal liaison between the Advisory Council and neighborhood groups in their districts.

A member representing a particular City Council district must live in that district. A member does not have to be an officer or representative of a specific neighborhood organization, but experience working in a neighborhood group is a benefit, Massey said.

An application form is available for individuals who wish to volunteer themselves or nominate others. Call Massey at 865-215-3232 for a copy of the form, which can also be downloaded from www.cityofknoxville.org/neighborhoods.

When vacancies occur on the Advisory Council, the Community Development director and neighborhoods coordinator solicit names from City Council members, the Advisory Council, neighborhood organizations and the public. Recommendations are sent to the Mayor, who makes the appointment, which City Council is asked to confirm.

In 2006 Mayor Bill Haslam and City Council appointed a Neighborhoods Task Force to explore ways the city could be more proactive in supporting neighborhoods and neighborhood organizations.

The Task Force recommended, and the Mayor created, an Office of Neighborhoods, which among other things produces a weekly newsletter. The Task Force continued to meet as an advisory body, giving guidance and feedback on the policies and goals of the Office of Neighborhoods.

Now this advisory body – the Neighborhoods Advisory Council -- has been reorganized and enlarged, and its mission has been restated.

Here is the new mission statement:

“The Neighborhood Advisory Council serves in an advisory and partnership capacity to 1) give advice and feedback on the programs and policies of the Office of Neighborhoods; 2) bring neighborhood issues and concerns to the attention of the city administration; 3) propose responses and solutions to address these concerns; and 4) serve as a sounding board for city initiatives and proposals affecting neighborhoods.”

In addition, membership has been enlarged to include two representatives from each City Council district and at least three at-large members. The nine sitting Advisory Council members were asked to remain for a period of time. They drew straws to determine the remaining length of their terms.

Members serve staggered terms of three years, with no more than one full term for each member. Anyone appointed to an unexpired term may be appointed to a subsequent three-year term.

Here is a list of current members and vacant seats. Neighborhood organizations are listed for identification purposes only.

Seat 1-A. Term expires March 31, 2011
Linda Rust
South Haven Neighborhood Organization

Seat 1-B. Term expires March 31, 2010
Whitney Stanley
Old Sevier Community

Seat 2-A. Term expires March 31, 2011
Suzanne Kurth
Lonas Drive Community Association

Seat 2-B. Term expires March 31, 2012
Dan Smith
West Knoxville

Seat 3-A. Term expires March 31, 2010
Jody Mullins
Cumberland Estates West Neighborhood Watch

Seat 3-B. Term expires March 31, 2011
VACANT: Volunteer for this seat!

Seat 4-A. Term expires March 31, 2010
Charlotte Davis
Fountain City Town Hall

Seat 4-B. Term expires March 31, 2012
VACANT: Volunteer for this seat!

Seat 5-A. Term expires March 31, 2012
Jennifer Mirtes
Inskip Park & Pool Neighborhood Watch

Seat 5-B. Term expires March 31, 2010
VACANT: Volunteer for this seat!

Seat 6-A. Term expires March 31, 2012
Karen Kluge
City People

Seat 6-B. Term expires March 31, 2011
VACANT: Volunteer for this seat!

Seat A At-Large. Expires March 31, 2010
Polly Doka
Council of Involved Neighborhoods (COIN)

Seat B At-Large. Expires March 31, 2011
VACANT: Volunteer for this seat!

Seat C At-Large. Expires March 31, 2012
VACANT: Volunteer for this seat!
For Immediate Release
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